Takkesh Mizoguchi-Thorne

~ ZenThai  Shiatsu Therapist ~  Southern Gold Coast and Tallebudgera based treatments

mob: 0435 026 873
e: takkeshmizoguchithorne@gmail.com
fb: Zen Thai Waves

Takkesh has this innate gift of therapeutic touch, whilst having fluidity and strong focus within his Zen Thai sessions. His practice is fuelled with free flowing energy as this rhythmical dance takes clients on a deep relaxing journey. His precision allows for powerfully effective therapy, opening the body and heart centre. The body sanctuary Takkesh creates allows for you to feel safe and secure, allowing the whole body to relax and let go.

Takkesh offers flying therapeutics, a form of acro yoga as an addition to his Zen Thai practice.  His therapeutic treatments are directed towards balancing and aligning the muscular system, calming the nervous system, assisting with digestive agni and the breath of life.

Where can I find Takkesh?

You can find Takkesh at this beach front clinic at Kirra on the Gold Coast. Takkesh also offers Zenthai treatments from his hinterland retreat in Tallebudgera Valley.  Services offered include Zenthai and Yoga practice and Takkesh is available for treatments, classes, retreats and festivals worldwide.

Takkesh says…

“Ocean waves and nature’s rhythms have been a constant inspiration throughout my life. Nature’s experiences have embodied this sense of potent photo 1presence and making sure that every move has focus and precision. I direct my attention towards these aspects during my Zenthai treatments. This rhythmical dance flows with the body to unravel any holding patterns, and still without force or expectation.  I am passionate, inspired and driven by surfing, yoga and capoeira. Living the beach life and travelling to festivals in a bus, mum introduced me to Gwyn and Zenthai from an early age. I recall how powerful it has always been to visit the mountain and receive an offering of Gywn’s therapy sessions. All of these experiences have solidified the Zenthai principle threads for effective therapy. Zenthai feels like a natural progression in experiencing and offering this extension of nature’s rhythms. My purpose now is to Inspire. I find such gratitude in walking an integral and humble path and hope for others to be inspired by what I have to share. Zenthai helps to access these parts of ourselves, whilst a strong yoga practice keeps us aligned. Yoga is a portal that I utilise to inspire other and to heal myself. Yoga, surf, chill, zenthai, repeat.”

What others are saying:
photo 2“After years of therapeutic massage and countless therapist finding Takkesh was a true blessing, not just for me but for my partner as well. The work he does is thorough and effective and you can tell that he has extensive experience and is very passionate about his work. He is always so professional and sensitive to our personal needs. We highly recommend Takkesh to anyone looking for Zen Thai Therapy massage work.”

Miriam & Jake

“My Zen Thai sessions with Takkesh are truly transformational.  My hip is the most comfortable it has been in months after the treatment. The range of movement and lack of restriction was immediately noticeable and it still feels that way. I even surfed for over 5 hours today and it feels great.”

Katie – Radiographer & Surfer


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