.. The More SilentWe Are ..

“The quieter you become …… the more we can hear ”  Ram Dass

The thicker blankets are going on the bed , the socks on the feet, the sun is dropping out of the sky a lot earlier in the day…yep ..it is creeping slowly upon us .That winter time of the year that offers the space to listen a little deeper , move a little slower and build up the resources that will serve as for a time later in the year that asks for more output.

For some, this time of the year is initially a welcome change, however the coldness quickly starts to irk after 2 to 3 weeks, with contraction of the senses, the three layers of clothes, a huddled posture …. a feeling like someone has clipped your wings. For others, winter is like heaven in a daily pack … the pure, fresh air, goodbye to the sweaty, stinky body and hot, humid, exhausting days to be replaced with a cool and contained breeze that enlivens spirit, body and mind.

How do we transition with this changing season to ensure our days are engaged, vital and balanced ?

Below is a few good tips to utilise to make the most along those winter months.

Embrace your will..

.The two organs that come to focus at this time of the year is the kidney and urinary bladder. The bladder is like powerful racing stripes along the entirety of our back giving us the impetus to step forward in alignment with what is purposeful and true.

This is a great time to dream up the direction you would love to journey, wrap into the fearlessness coat and keep stepping forward again and again like a powerful stream cascading around the obstacles as gently as possible. Like the Great Ghandi personified …it is indomitable will aligned passionately with your truth that will by far outweigh any skill or natural capability you may have been blessed with.

Contain your power ..

The leaking or impingement of our life force is commonly due to us taking things personally or making assumptions. Become aware of these two common traps we unconsciously commonly fall into. We also waste a lot of life force having a continual fight by wishing a person or things to be different than they are? Take off the boxing gloves !!! By granting someone or something the complete freedom to be as it is … really unlocks the ‘kinked hose ‘ and a new found energy is discovered. Having less noise around us, more time alone with nature and a simple sense of satisfaction of the way things are ..will serve us in many ways.

Keep warm

Cold has a contracted and inward nature which creates a lethargy and can easily invade our inner contented environment. Keep the area at the base of your neck and below the ribcage warm and covered …Wooly warm socks are great too. A cool head and warm feet is sign of energy flowing nicely. Warm, slow Cooked foods ..esp. Root vegetables, dark legumes  and kidney beans will serve you well. For a full spark of kidney yang ( fire ) try a daily broth of ginger, shiitake  mushroom and miso.

Yin and yang..

A great battery is created by strong polarities. If your are the doer, pusher , continually ‘switched on’ type …. introduce small amounts from the other end … an early night to bed, a receptive sensing of subtleties and a time to refuel by receiving.

If you are the sensualist that gravitates to the lunar qualities of stepping back, feet up and lots of time reflecting and receiving … try plugging the cord in the electricity socket and simply get ‘stuck into it ‘ (my mother-in-law would say.) A line that stuck in my head for a long time when needing that extra motivator was. Two things in life .. RESULTS AND EXCUSES. Check in on your day .. a little more yin or yang? It is all a state of balance.

Slow down..

Less is more. Notice all the things that get completed efficiently when each moment is a full engagement of ‘quality and presence’. This is turtle time … enjoy the solitude and stillness  that is offered when the journey becomes the focus rather than the finish line. Many people commonly step into each day unconsciously dominated by a ‘scarcity of time’. This is a fixated conditioning continually reinforced by running around trying to ‘do everything today’ .

Step aside and see this illusion and the breadth that an awakened mind reveals.


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