…The Practice of Openness …

Have you noticed how being in the company of open people how open you become?

The openness is infectious, your face softens, the body relaxes, the air freshens, the moment lightens. As you open, the next person beside transforms into another expression of openness.

In the concluding of the final day of our recent 4 day intensive I am ‘slack jawed’ to look around to notice the radiant openness in all the faces. Only 4 days before was 25 faces, more like frightened squirrels in the forest, looking for a hole to run and hide. This is a natural occurrence for humans faced with unfamiliarity, fear and separateness. But slowly, step by step, as one person opened up with their rawness, so did the other, like petals in a flower … one opening the other.lilly
In rawness, we don’t always see delight and radiance. Here too, we also see repugnant ugliness … the things that disturb us, inside and out. What we do see is truth Furthermore, not closing down and pulling away, back into our husks of protection and separateness.
If we can remain open and feel everyone … the cloudy moments, as well as the blue sky parts, love will endure.
This practice of openness, then could possibly be a great remedy for a turbulent world. If we open to open, speak from your openness to another’s openness, we can witness the unclenching of the heart … and breathe that deep openness that is in everyone.



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