Tony Wootton

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Maleny

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A daily tai chi practice spanning several decades, together with a love of Chinese medicine and a passionate interest in anatomy and physiology, form the basis of Tony’s approach to this amazing modality.

He brings Chi flow, awareness, and sensitivity to his sessions, which provide him with an intuitive sense of his client’s needs.

His style, within the framework of this profound system created by Gwyn Williams, is best suited to those who want to be treated on an energetic, as well as a physical level.

Where can I find Tony?

Tony offers treatments by appointment at his yoga and tai chi studio, Maleny Mountain Yoga.

Please contact Tony on his mobile or through email or Facebook.

Tony says…

“I love the opportunity to connect with my clients on all the levels of our being, particularly the etheric and physical bodies.

We all need, and indeed crave, physical touch, and it is through this connection that I can allow the incredible energy that surrounds us to flow through me to work on whatever is required by the receiver at the time.”