Is Zenthai for you?

The best way to decide is to perhaps dip your toes into the experience through our preliminary Level 1 four-day intensive.

If you find you’re interested to deepening your knowledge, our therapist program can be completed within one year. 

Program Overview ~ all classes are held at Mt. Ninderry, Sunshine Coast unless otherwise stated

Module Date Format
Level 1: Zenthai Techniques Dec 7-10, Jan 4-7 2018 One 4 day intensive  $395
Elements 1:  Zen shiatsu principles Combining theory with the practice

(* part of 9-month Therapist program)

* April 26-29, 2018 4 day intensive  *
Advanced Techniques 1

(* part of 9-month Therapist program)

May 17-20 2018  4 day intensive  *
Advanced  2

(* part of 9-month Therapist program)



June 14-17 2018



4 day intensive


Zenthai Remedial:  Remedial approaches towards a wide variety of conditions

(part of 9-month Therapist program)


July 12-15 2018 4 day intensive   *
Elements 2: Psychology, TCM and Consolidation.

(part of 9-month Therapist program)

Aug 9-12 2018 4 day intensive   *
Remedial 2


Traditional therapies:  Eastern approaches to remediation – cupping, foot massage,moxa, poultices, southern style Thai massage

(part of 9-month Therapist program)

Student Clinic:  Integration – putting the art to real life practice

(part of 9-month Therapist program)

Oct 4-7 2018


Oct 31-Nov 4 2018





Nov 29 – Dec 1 2018

4 day intensive


4 day intensive





Thursday & Friday with
Saturday mini festival and graduation ceremony









 Zenthai meets Ayurveda: Bali zenthai therapist training (optional) September 2 to 14 2018
This is an optional 12 day therapist retreat (with a therapist trainee discount). It is encouraged but not a compulsory part of the class.
Zenthai flow Teacher training  – Feb 24-March 14 2018 $2450

2018 Nine-month Therapist program $2950 (excluding Bali retreat).
Please note the level one 4 day intensive is a prerequisite for the full program which begins in mid April 2018

  • Check our Events page for other standalone workshops.


Level 1 – Zenthai Techniques

“Bringing freedom of movement to the structural and energetic body”

This preliminary 4-day intensive offers a springboard into Zenthai.   It’s a practical focus on all Zenthai techniques, where you’ll give and receive quality bodywork as you refine and practice proven techniques. Dynamic, focused, heart-centered bodywork with a focus on energy awareness.
An excellent introduction, or for anyone who wishes to gain confidence in proven techniques.

Note: This is a pre-requisite to all other courses. It is also offered by Zenthai facilitators outside of Mt. Ninderry 

Investment $395.00
Deposit : $50.00
Includes Zenthai Manual, instructional DVD, morning tea and dynamic yoga sessions.

Nine-month Therapists Training (Level One is a pre-requisite. course includes all modules below)

For more than 15 years, Gwyn has spent and continues to spend time abroad with creative and innovative body workers and yoga  teachers from a variety of fields where he is inspired by the boundless approaches to therapy. Hence, the organic and transitory nature of this techniques based course utilising approaches from Thai massage, osteopathy and Zen Shiatsu. This course is the natural follow on for therapists wishing to continue from the level 1 intensive.

Elements 1 – Principles of Zen Shiatsu

This course introduces the theory into the art and includes:

  • oriental medicine
  • key release points and meridian location
  • 5 elements and Zang Fu organs
  • dietary and lifestyle factors
  • specific techniques to address disharmony
Zenthai Remedial

Zenthai Remedial is aimed at therapist beginning a practice. Remedial approaches towards a wide variety of conditions. Utilising approaches from osteopathy.  Case studies range from lower back, shoulder and neck pain to digestive problems, energy depletion and organ imbalances.  Using primarily Zen shiatsu and osteopathic approaches to deal with clinical cases. Roots of disharmonies are examined in 5 areas:

  1. Structural/postural
  2. Energetic (Chinese Medicine model)
  3. Blood/ circulatory
  4. Internal organs/ belly
  5. Muscular imbalance
Elements 2 – Psychology, counselling and 5 elements in daily life

To see it is to free it.

This course recognises that honest self exploration and developing caring and supportive relationships with clients is an essential behind implementing a successful therapist practice.  You will challenge yourself in the art of honest self inquiry to unravel the conditioning that may be preventing you from living to our potential. This looking within to find the answers creates a therapist that is a far more present and effective listener, thus encouraging others to dissolve the emotional and mental blocks that are part of a healing journey. Other topics include:

  • meridian extensions
  • 5 elements in daily life
  • counselling
  • point therapy and meridian specifics
  • moxabustion
  • ‘yoga as healing’
  • body centred psychology
  • diagnostic tools for emotional , mental and physical bodies
  • self inquiry
Traditional Therapies

Traditional  approaches to remediation. Proven techniques over years of clinical practice. Focus on musculo/skeletal disorders

The East take a far more holistic approach in the remediation of imbalances of the body/mind. Topics include:

  • Thai foot massage
  • Advanced cupping and moxabustion
  • Herbal poultices and herbal sauna
  • Thai massage sequences to deal with joint problems (shoulder, hip, neck, knee, upper/lower back, digestive upsets and postural imbalances.)
  • WaT Pho Thai massage
Student Clinic

You are guided with your diagnosis and subsequent treatments as the art is put into place by a real life practice with clients at the centre.

Supervised diagnosis and feedback as you integrate work covered during the year.

Includes acroyoga’s therapeutic flying … offerings throughout the final modules.


Students are encouraged to commit to the full 2018 therapist program.  The option to complete separate modules no longer exists due to the wide array of personal and professional evolution by being part of the 2018 Zenthai trainees community.

Full cost is $2950 (excluding level one prerequisite). The class is broken down into modules with students. The class has been completely full for the past four years, so a consideration of your application is needed before confirmation.

The 12 day September retreat in Bali is encouraged but not necessary.

This is able to be broken down into a monthly payment of $300 per month. ( or an agreed upon instalments) . A deposit of $650 is required before  March 2018 to cement your position. This will be invited after the approval of your application.

General Information

  • All classes run from 8.30 to 4.30.
  • Regular yoga classes and practice time outside of class time is encouraged.
  • An insurance cover is recommended at the completion of student clinic to begin practice as a therapist.
  • Repeat of a module that is missed from absence is encouraged , however  is dependent on space available. The application needs to ensure a commitment to be part of the entire 9 month with an obligation to finalise the fee irrelevant if it is paid in modules or a lump sum.
  • Therapists (6 modules) are encouraged to be part the growing community. Supporting  level one courses and other offerings as an assistant or evolve into Zenthai flow teachers.
  • Zenthai flow teachers are now offering regular classes for students to gain competence and confidence. The classes can be include asana , partner yoga and bodywork woven together through the 5 elements of Chinese medicine.
  • For students wishing accreditation recognised by the Government, the Queensland College of Oriental medicine offers a full Diploma in Zen Shiatsu. RPL (recognised prior learning) is given towards all modules offered at Mt Ninderry.
  • A application form is available below for those wishing to apply for the 2018 program.
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