FAQs – Training

1. Where is Mt. Ninderry?
20 mins inland from Coolum beach on the Sunshine Coast

2. What is the best way to start Zenthai?
The four-day intensive (level 1) is the stepping-stone to all other courses.  At the summation of this course, you can decide to follow on and do the entire program or select modules that work for you.  Four day classes are offered by Gwyn and other highly experienced Zenthai facilitators around the entire eastern coast of Australia.

3. I don’ t live on the Sunshine coast but would love to make it work…
The course modules are broken down into seven 4-day intensives over 9 months (one per month).  The 12-day therapist experience in Bali provides an additional option (however this does not allow Zenthai Therapist recognition).

4.  Can I stay at the Centre?
The centre has rustic facilities –  a camp kitchen, a place for tents and vans, a communal shower, with only a small cost is required to help with maintenance.  Monique lives at the centre and offers a deal with meals which is very reasonable.  All bookings for food and accommodation need to be made with Monique on 0413720884.

5. I would like to repeat a course. Is there a discount … yes, a $50 discount applies for the 4-day intensive.
When you have completed all seven modules and are a recognised Zenthai therapist, special conditions arise which allow you to return to certain modules in support roles.  Yoga classes are free of charge and all are encouraged to remain part of the sangha.

6. Can I pay off the fees owing for courses I wish to undertake at the centre or in Bali?
We welcome your enthusiasm and focus and do not wish it to be hindered by financial restraint. We suggest you propose a program that suits your situation and we will communicate a story that suits us both.  For students wishing to undertake the full program we suggest $70 a week.  We are open to suggestions.  Any credit situation is strictly limited to 3 months.  All fees need to be completed to graduate as a Zenthai Therapist.

7. Do I need prior experience for a Bali retreat ?
The two retreats in Bali have varied focus.  We suggest some experience for the longer 12-day therapist retreat in September.  The only prerequisite for the February/March 2018 19-day retreat is an open mind.

8. Do I have a license to practice at the end of the course?
You are able to gain insurance through AON at the completion of the seven module program which entitles you to legally practice.  We suggest students to gain experience from all the modules before you begin inviting paying clients.  The college of oriental medicine recognises all modules in this course and is available for consultation on RPL (recognised prior learning), if you wish to gain a government recognised accreditation.

9. What do I need to practice?
A futon, gentle and receptive hands and loving kindness is essential.  Cups, Moxa, liniments all aid a full practice.

10. Will be body be strong and flexible enough?
Regular yoga classes are part of the program, which sees all developing in a myriad of ways.   Acro Yoga is an optional part of the program for those wishing to use it as a tool for therapy .  The consistent practice shapes you body / mind when it is slow and mindful.  NO force and choose joy … is our motto