Training Testimonials

“There are times when a teacher is able to transmit insight, knowledge & technique at the same time to capture and educate students of all levels and experiences; training with Gwyn is one of those moments!  I have had two profound opportunities to study Zen Thai Shiatsu in Bali with Gwyn and both have left me feeling deeply touched and inspired to take care of myself, others and my relationship to spirit in new ways.  The techniques he teaches are full of amazing tips, tricks and depth for beginning and experienced therapists and all the while his personality exudes acceptance and compassion that makes the learning extremely potent.  Wrap all of that into a package of a ‘really cool dude’ and you can begin to sense what it is like to study with him… but words can not really capture what must be experienced first hand and I highly recommend any of his programs to everyone.”

David Lurey ( yoga teacher facilitator, global yogi and kirtan leader)


“When you enter into the Zen Thai tribe for the first time, you are not welcomed as a stranger, you are welcomed back. You’re welcomed back as a sister or a brother who has travelled away and is now returning to share the magic of your journey with the rest of the tribe. Zen Thai has allowed me to experience what it means to be part of a community where love is abundant, support needn’t be asked for and dance offs are never out of the question. The love that is cultivated within our family fills us up and spills out to be shared with all. From this place, in this space, healing can flow free.”

Steff Ward (student of 2013  program, traveler and adventurer of life)


“The Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist training has been one of the most holistic and practical trainings I have experienced in my over 20 years of studying bodywork and natural pathways to healing and wholeness.  The practical and experiential nature of the training has allowed me to receive so many insights and healing tools on both a personal and professional level, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone passionate or curious about the healing arts and the journey of self discovery.  Gwyn shares his embodied wisdom, depth of experience and passion for his art with great humility, grace, simplicity, playfulness and in the spirit of devotional service.   I felt extremely safe, nurtured and honored for my own unique expression and guided by a master of his craft.  Another profoundly healing part of this training is the opportunity to journey and grow as part of a colourful and diverse community of souls united in unconditional love, encouraging each other to shine and unveil the truth of who we really are.  My deep gratitude and love for the gift and grace of Spirit that guided me to the loving souls at the Mt Ninderry Healing Sanctuary.”

Saleemah Ladhani (long term Kahuna bodyworker, intuitive and gifted healer)


“By combining practical Zen Thai Shiatsu techniques with the psychological aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have been able to provide a more holistic practice. Assisting those to help themselves in their own healing and to see the difference it makes in their lives can I believe, only be achieved by attending Gwyn’s workshops and experiencing first hand the dedication and passion he is able to impart. I always come away from his workshops feeling excited plus challenged and as though I’m on the road less travelled. Gwyn, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.”