… Watering Seeds …

Watering Seeds

In a recent gathering of beautiful friends at BYRON bay, a long time soul brother offered a couple of words in reference to my path … “Watering seeds and buzzing about the tree that grows ” I guess he sort of nailed it … a great analogy of a passion for us all not wasting time that can be used for us to step up and shine with our potential. This is including watering the  seeds in my own inner environment.Zenthai newsletter

As we step into another golden lap of the sun, it is a good time to reflect on the seeds you wish to sow and water this year. It is sad yet true that without this vigilant attention to the mind, this year could be another repeat of patterns and habits that you have been locked into for decades, that is similar to a dog being led around on a leash … comfortable in the unsatisfactory-ness … being too sleepy or afraid to tug another way.

During our annual team circle at the post Woodford Zenthai therapist celebration (I call it celebration from the great joy we gather from offering and supporting together), all are asked to share the seeds they wish to sow and water this year. As with most heart sharing Circles there is a collective wave of similarity from each individual’s contribution.

Inviting more joy and fun, presence, nourishment, space, purpose, and alignment weaved its way into the powerful circle. Devotion rated highly also … and is an integral part of heightening consciousness and stepping up to shine and expand.

I am sure you will see snippets of the words and thoughts in your own 2016 intentions also …

But can we?… Let each day, not just this traditional ‘ year stamping phase’ have space to ask ” what am I devoted to? ”  Are your actions being aligned with what is true and deepest for you or is it another bright ribbon around some ego based self importance? Another year is a great reminder that time and attention are our most precious commodities, and are we awake to what we are spending it on?

Like any serious full-time Gardener would remind us  … the Seeds and Seedlings need constant watering  and vigilant attention (not just as the beginning of the fertile season).

May there be joy in the process …

2016 Zenthai blessings ..


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