Yeliz Basafacan

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast – Coolum Beach

ph:: 0466 657 929


Yeliz revels in the playful exploration that exists in every moment. As she intertwines intuition with curiosity and receptivity, a unique experience of touch unfolds. Join her in a dance where she will disturb what’s comfortable and comfort what’s disturbed! 


You can find her at the beach!
Coolum Beach offers incredible healing and cleansing opportunities. Come and get a treatment from her home on the Sunshine Coast and take a short 5 minute walk down to the main beach or relax in the rock pools of First Bay.

Yeliz Basafacan Zenthai Shiatsu massage therapist Sunshine CoastYELIZ SAYS…

“I don’t have magical powers that will ‘fix’ what ails you.

What I do have is the power of patience, presence, awareness, listening and love.

My intention is to create a loving, non-judgemental and safe space for you to explore and unravel your own healing magic.

We are always going, doing and having. It’s time that we stop, rest and look after our selves. No-one else is responsible for your health other than you! So go ahead and do something for yourself. You have earned it.

“What is worth doing and what is worth having? It is worth doing nothing and having a rest!”