… Yoga Can Be A Prayer …


It is also a great revelation that when we release the attachment to the unknown, we are able to fully embrace the great mystery of the unknown. The honouring of that which brings us pain and suffering is steering us back to deeper states of self realisation and peace. It is finally a reminder that when we stand strong with reverence towards nature and the elements, they will support us with the stillness and oneness that all human hearts yearn for.


As nature now cycles into the metal element with the season of Autumn we are encouraged to shed the skin and strip back to that which is only essential. With essential, I hear essence .. all .. again urging us to let go old worn out patterns and narrative stories that keep us blocked from a priceless states of flow and evolution. As transitional phases are commonly challenging phases, it may demand a great courage to be stripped bare, but in this state of honesty and transparency a great clarity rises forward liberating you like never before. This moment is THE moment …a gentle bow of the head and a gaze inwards ..” what really needs to be discarded? ” A warrior path may not be the easiest but it will certainly worth the efforts if it is married with your truth.


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