Zoe Ridgway

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Brisbane based treatments & workshops

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e  ::  hello@zoeridgway.com.au
w  ::  www.zoeridgway.com.au
fb  ::  www.facebook.com/ZoeRidgwayYogaAndMassage

Zoe is passionate about…

~ Healing the whole person – not just isolated parts.
~ Creating wholeness in every aspect of our lives.
~ Using the simple tools of awareness and the healing power of touch.
~ Empowering her clients through self-knowledge, to become their own teacher and therapist, to release tension or stagnation in body and mind.

Zoe teaches Oki Yoga, a healing approach to yoga that utilises oriental medicine and zen buddhist principles. Her training also includes meridian therapy and qigong studied with Greg Williams, Zen Shiatsu studies with Michie Araki, Zazen meditation with Master Jinen Nagai, and ecstatic dance training with Butoh masters in Japan and Australia. Having a background as an architect, Zoe has experienced first hand the challenges of creating work-life balance, and brings compassion and leadership to others walking this path towards wholeness. Treatments may include yoga and self-massage recommendations.

Where can I find Zoe?

You can find Zoe in a number of locations around Brisbane including Zen Central Yoga Studio in West End and Vitale Life Wellness Centre in Paddington. Zoe is also available for mobile treatments.  View Zoe’s weekly schedule here: http://www.zoeridgway.com.au/calendar.htm

Zoe says…

4460_small“I’ve found Zenthai to be an incredibly powerful and effective therapy which seems to be universally loved by all who receive it! My first encounter with this amazing bodywork was at a Zenthai Bali Retreat. The radiant enthusiasm, passion and integrity of the Zenthai therapists I met there compelled me to follow this path whole-heartedly and see where it would take me. I have not looked back to this day and I am so delighted to be sharing this work with others.

I have been immersed in Okido yoga for many years, which incorporates simple shiatsu, healing practices and partner work as a part of most classes. Through this work I came to understand the healing power of touch, and the deep need for this kind of contact and connection in my life, and in our culture generally.

Zenthai has brought depth, precision and subtlety to this ongoing path of learning. And each encounter with another person teaches me something new”.

What others are saying:
4281_small“Thank you for a truly outstanding treatment. The best way to describe how I felt afterwards was nourished and cared for. Really fantastic. I will be booking in again!”


“Having recently just been through some difficult chemotherapy treatment I requested Zen Thai massage treatments from Zoë most weeks to see me through this harrowing time. The Zen Thai treatment I received was caring, definitely beneficial for my body and meditative for my mind. I would highly recommend for any situation.”



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