Bunya Halasz

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Byron Bay/Mullumbimby Region based treatments

mob: 0415 147 999
e::  growingrootsgarden@gmail.com
facebook:  Bunya Halasz

Bunya is passionate about discovering and uncovering our true nature. His treatments focus on releasing tension from the body and nourishing the whole being to reveal deeper awareness and intuition for personal healing.

Where can I find Bunya?

You can find Bunya in Byron Bay/Mullumbimby Region offering treatments by arrangement from a range of possible venues including your home.

Bunya says…

“I am deeply inspired by the practices of Zenthai Shiatsu within which I discover that true healing arises by simply removing the obstacles that l48BdEU78XS2zHQ2cTfWHtsmN-yjANhkIDzLVbCcV-w,rGTf7YNdG_5SUUDqNCwQ27yZvBeQqhaEVJRK4bGucYw,OxhzGKq5NwtbIcKHc-4QsX3QdiJEzIyvOz3oTbP6_mY,qe4ltteBW32oyY2N2lASQrwUPD9uz32wJLyMl9-VYS8are preventing this natural state of health to arise, then creating a supportive space to allowing the flow of life force to return. I am passionate about connecting with people in both dynamic movement and stillness, tailoring treatments to the specific needs of each individuals condition. I also work as an Organic Farmer and Permaculture Designer – activities that connect me to the elements of nature, constantly inspiring and reinterpreting the way I comprehend and interact with the human body and being. With every treatment I gain valuable insight into myself and a deeper understanding of the way of all things. After 5 years practice of Zen Shiatsu followed by 5 years of ongoing training and practice in the art of Zen Thai I am deeply in gratitude to these techniques for the wellbeing they generate which overflows into the world around us.”

What others are saying:
Bunya Resized“Some people love food….. I consider myself a connoisseur of massage, having recieved a multitude of treatments from countless massures around the world.
From the moment Bunya placed his hands on me I knew I’d found a unique therapist. I knew I was in the presence of someone with a genuine intention to support me. He was present, ready to listen and I was instantly calm.
Bunya’s massage style is nurturing, gentle yet firm, he has an amazing ability to place the exact amount of pressure. He is skilled and intuitive. Every massage I have with Bunya results in my body releasing more and more tension. I always feel relaxed and deeply rested afterwards.
Bunya holds an awareness and sensitivity rarely found in a massage therapist. I am so grateful I found him.
Bunya thank you so much for your attention, loving nature and ever present willingness to work with me.”

Lou, Therapist

“Bunya’s manner was professional but also heartfelt. The subltle movements and touch relaxed me and I experienced deep relaxation and symptomatic relief. I felt a care and intention that I haven’t felt with other practitioners and will definitely come back for another session.”

Chris, Organic Farmer

“I have been a regular client of Bunya Halasz for the last 10 years and his bodywork is mindful, caring and therapeutic. Being particular about the kind of touch I receive, I find Bunya confident, relaxed and aware of my needs and very intuitive about the treatment he offers. I feel a depth of relaxation and presence within my body, like a mix between meditation and deep rest. Knowing that he is a committed student of the healing arts and eastern philosophy for over 15 years, I trust his integrity and learned, compassionate approach to the bodywork he offers.”

Angela, Artist


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