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 ~ ZenThai  Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast based treatments.

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Cas is an experienced Zen Thai Shiatsu practitioner who is also studying Acupuncture. She believes that by bringing balance to the Mind, Body & Spirit it enhances our natural ability to heal ourselves on a structural and energetic level. Cas sees Zen Thai Shiatsu as the perfect tool to create an environment for this natural healing to occur.

Where can I find Cas?

Cas is located on the Sunshine Coast but is also available for mobile treatments in Sunshine Coast & Brisbane as she is there every week. Cas also offers therapy at various Yoga retreats and festivals throughout the year.

Cas says…

Cas 3 - Copy“From the first time I had a Zen Thai Shiatsu treatment I was inspired. I purchased the book ‘The Zen of Touch’ written by Gwyn Williams (Founder of Zen Thai Shiatsu) and I just had to know more…so the journey began. I spent the next 2 years diving deep into anything Zen Thai here on the sunshine coast and in Bali. I graduated as a Zen Thai shiatsu therapist in 2013.

My goal as a therapist is to share with you loving kindness through focused intention and mindful touch, to gently move and stretch your body to its limits to create space in the joints and move qi throughout the body, to allow a nurturing space for your mind and body to slow down, connect, open and heal itself.

At a time in my life when I was so busy and maybe a little bit broken I found stillness in this movement and I would like to share this during my treatments.”

What others are saying:
Cas 2 - CopyCas has been my Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist for 3 years. This is a beautiful therapy wonderfully applied by Cas with great skill & Intuition.  Cas generates a very special synergistic energy that promotes healing & joy.  I cannot recommend Cas enough.

Celestica Nagai


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  1. Hi Cass
    Can i book a zenthai massage for tomorrow morning at springbrook yoga retreat if you have a time available? Alternatice anyother tine.
    Apologies i cant view thd booking timetable from my phone.
    & can you confirm cost for 1hr session.

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