Denise Hook

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Gold Coast based treatments

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Denise is passionate about empowerment in health, wellness and vitality. She forms a deep connection with her clients to create a flow of movement therapy to nurture the spirit, relax the body and reawaken the natural healing processes. Her connection to the physical body structure and the energetic flow of the body creates a safe space for therapeutic treatment, relaxation and nurturing.

Where can I find Denise?

You can find Denise in Upper Coomera, Gold Coast. Mobile treatments can also be arranged. Treatments are offered at 60 mins or 90 mins by appointment.  Please contact Denise on her mobile or email.

Denise says…

IMG_1919“I first experienced Zenthai Shiatsu after a recommendation from a friend. The awareness and intention of the physical touch spoke directly to my heart allowing a deep connection to form. This supported me to come to a place of complete bliss and relaxation where my mind let go and my body opened to  receive. I was immediately inspired to take a step forward on a new path and become a therapist.  As a therapist I have been blessed to share this healing therapy with many people, expressing loving kindness through mindful touch. My intention for each treatment is to support the client to let go of what no longer serves and to experience a deep sense of bliss in body, mind and spirit. A flow of movement emerges releasing tension and connecting you to your body’s capacity to heal and nurture itself long after the session is complete, opening your own path to vitality and harmony.”

What others are saying:
IMG_4662“I’ve enjoyed many massages in my life and I was keen to experience Zen Thai Shiatsu. Denise asked where my problem areas were and she addressed them throughout the session. I have to say it was one of the most beautiful massages I’ve ever had and it helped immensely with my problem areas. Denise herself has a peaceful and calming energy and within a very short time I felt safe and well looked after in her care. I am very keen for my next Zen Thai Shiatsu massage with Denise and I am happy to highly recommend that everyone should have one of these massages especially with Denise! “

Susan Potter
Life Coach with “At One Life Coaching”
Mackay Queensland


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