…Disengage To Engage…

” When you become my student you also become my colleague, ” is a common sharing I have with the students who come to me in class with their  earnest enthusiasm. This also points the way as to their role of a teacher that the student also undertakes .

I am forever humbly grateful for the teachings that come to me daily through my students.

This occurred recently in a shared circle or  ” talking stick” when each was sharing the zenthai shiatsu treatment they had just completed as a ‘ meditative dance’ with their partner. One student reflected how much she was in AWE of the complete engaging in the moment each person was when she observed the 12 pairs of students interacting together.

Another student reflected how the experience was a healing experience for him as he was able to disengage from the pain he had recently been suffering as he came to grips with the recent death of a close friend.

So what is it that  brings these apparently two separate rivers of ENGAGING AND DISENGAGING into the same stream which is probably best described as Oneness or healing? What I see in engaging is a merging of what we ‘realise’ into what we Are ….

What I observe in disengaging in its true form is a disengage from past and future into what is True..right now. This could be misinterpreted as putting our heads into the sand …’

The ostrich’ which would forego great learnings and growth that is offered through reflections on the past or vision into the future. Productive disengaging is disengaging in thought…simple as that. ..realising that there is a great mystery happening for us every moment we could call the unknown.

Unfortunately, we commonly fill this gap by engaging in a thought to work it out and thus disengaging in the wonderful expansiveness that is always available. ‘ To be in the world and not of the world ‘ could possibly  be a happy medium of disengaging.

More appropriately I see the one aspect that commonly brings these two streams into a pristine, awakened and alive state is the practice of love.

The love of a full engagement of the present and the Love that is available when we be like a kangaroo lying  in the bush…disengaged from the mind and allowing the Love to be really felt.

‘ Disengaging to engage ‘ will be my mantra this week to again relish in the gift to be fully human, fully awake and fully alive. Maybe you can be my colleague and share with firstly yourself and then another?

Disengage to feel  the love, engage to fully share it.

Again the magical dance of Yin with Yang.



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