… Fluid …

It is 5 pm in the afternoon, sun dropping out of the sky. Your barefeet being nourished by the forest, with a Dhoti around your waist, picking up dead sticks and branches for the nights fire to cook the family evening meal. Nothing needs to be justified, just listening and following a natural flow. An ease of peace permeates your entire being.

Again, it is 5pm in the afternoon,  you are dodging through the traffic in your car on the way home. There is a seamless flow of green lights and perfect gaps to see you smiling as you park your car outside your home. You step onto the green grass and stride across towards the front door when something tells you to stop. You take off your shoes and squat close to earth. For five minutes you squat there watching the mystery do its thing. The small coloured finch on the branch, the crickets chorusing their song as dusk falls, the depth of blueness in the evening sky. An ease of peace permeates your entire being.

The content changes continuously in a lifetime. But a context of fluidity and totality remains the same if we listen and follow a direction beyond mind.

Sitting beside the Ganges,  you can only feel a deep sense of unity whilst witnessing the  Greatness of the majestic river . This is a full embodiment of totality and fluidity. No real need to know of where it comes from or where it leads. Just powerful movement with powerful direction.

So great to be inspired


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