:: Get Inspired ::

The earthquake rocks the island!! Is the volcano going to explode? What are Donald Trumps latest antics? What is the latest scandal in newspaper headlines? …. Who is loving who?

We can all be consumed by drama. So much so that we will unconsciously create a melodrama in our lives to spice it up.

What about forgetting the drama and beginning a new narrative by noticing all the extraordinary in the ordinary and getting  inspired by what gets played out each day?

Having spent the last month in Bali… here are six gems that really lit me up.


1. Strength

In our recent teacher training we noticed the students ‘find their voice’. If you are reading this, like me, you are completely entwined in the world of relationship. ‘HOW’ we communicate in relationship dictates the depth and power of our engaging. To see individuals grow with their strength in clarity of expression… thus enrich all their relationships by being genuine and unique. This is inspiration…  number one

2. Courage

Protective shields are hardened and stubborn. We get conditioned with what is comfortable. When we come to retreat with a group of willing and adventurous souls we get cracked open, we ‘disturb the comfortable.’ What is revealed is nothing short of beautiful. To step forward with vulnerability and  share from this new found openness is courage.

3. Connect

Lie on the earth, hold another’s hand, watch the waves in stillness, sing from the heart and to offer a safe space for another. To notice all the small intimate ways we connect to each other and to listen to another’s heart expression. At the essence of our endeavours is a yearning to connect to what is meaningful. Big inspiration!

4. Create

This week I was part of Bali spirit festival 10th year celebrations. To see so much creativity being shared in one week was mind blowing. Yoga, dance, music, hooping, bodywork, singing, breathing, meditating, philosophy or just eating coconut and organic food… it was amazing to note what was offered. Yes, the scheduling and venues had some tricky moments in the soup but when you have so much creativity in one place for a week, straight lines don’t work ..human creative potential… ‘wow’ factor… number four

5. Devotion

A day before Nyepi (Balinese holy day of silence) and the entire village is sparkling in ceremonial dress at the beachside outdoor temple as the sunsets on a showery afternoon. The skies completely erupt with an one hour drenching… everyone is completely soaked but no one flinches or runs for cover… just sit and smile. When Komangs arrive back home later, I inquire about the storm. Mrs Komang, undisturbed at all, replies … “no problem, what God wants is all ok”

It sits with me to see the complete state of acceptance and surrender to what is deep and true for this devoted community.

6. Shine

The last is the simplest and the most inspiring. I am out bike riding in the early morning rain. A middle aged villager walks across the road in front of me with a big tub of clothes balancing on her head as she strolls to the creek to wash. She offers a simple smile that I return. The smile is rich and heartfelt. I feel it for a long time after. A smile that had me wondering about staying on in Bali for few more years and being part of such simple richness. It is the smallest of humble offerings … but very powerful. An authentic smile or touch, that maybe we don’t know,  but could be catalysts for great and wonderful changes in anothers life path.

Inspirations to me are simply allowing another candles flame to spark your own flame. If you get sparked by ten candles today, imagine how bright you can shine .

༺♥༻ Zenthai Blessings ༺♥༻