Izzy Shafey

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Victoria, BC, Canada based treatments

mob  ::  250 816 4518
e  :: i2shafey@gmail.com
fb  ::  www.facebook.com/izzyzenthai
w :: www.zenthaishiatsucanada.com

With a natural attraction towards all things physical mixed with years of meditation experience, Izzy balances his innate inclination to keep moving with the serenity of stillness and finds these qualities at their peak while practicing Zenthai Shiatsu.

With a diverse background in mixed martial arts, sports and Yoga, firsthand experience has shaped Izzy’s understanding of the amazing feats the human body is capable of as well as how it feels when things are out of balance and need healing attention. Bringing full awareness to every session and every touch, he aims to bring vitality and tranquility to every treatment.

After graduating as a qualified Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist in Australia, Izzy returned to Canada and brought with him his new found skill, art and passion.

Where can I find Izzy?

Izzy now offers mobile massage in multiple cities on the beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Available by appointment.  You can contact Izzy on his mobile, Facebook or by email.

Izzy says…

Izzy Action 1“I always took it as my highest goal in life to honour the body, mind and spirit. Through exploration of different ways of movement via martial arts (Muay Thai and Capoeira), surfing, cross training and Yoga as well as attention to nutrition, I felt that I had satisfied the body aspect. While interfacing with the mind through constant reading, discussions and writing I had honoured my mind.  And through satiating the soul through meditation and prayer, and incorporating love inward and outward I had dignified my spirit.

However, it felt like there was still something missing, I needed a way to serve others and help them honour their own bodies minds and souls. After my first very memorable experience of receiving a Zenthai Shiatsu treatment, it just clicked! This was how I wanted to assist others to know how amazing it feels when your body feels great, when your mind is at ease, and when your soul feels nourished!

I feel so blessed to have found such an enriching practice and to have studied it with such an amazing teacher that embodies all that I aim to hone within myself.”

What others are saying:
Izzy Action 2“Just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this unique therapy with me when you were in Australia. Its a great way to explore the mind, heart and physical body through massage and really complimented my Yoga Practice too.”

Elana Cameron –Yoga teacher, Nurse

 “Izzy’s Zenthai massage was a journey in itself. Guided skillfully into the Zenthai experience by Izzy’s wealth of knowledge and passion for his practice, his intuition in reading my individual needs also displayed his intrinsic affinity with the healing arts. Came out of it so rejuvenated and revitalized! Thanks Izzy!”

Joel Tafe – all-around athlete

“I am an experienced massage therapist and have been practicing for over 15 years, mostly Swedish massage, Acupressure and Reflexology. The treatment I received from Izzy was so powerful on so many different levels. It was very relaxing and also calming having body contact during the treatment, I felt like I could let my body relax and Izzy would know exactly the right position to maneuver my body whilst applying pressure points. It was a completely different style of massage to anything I have experienced before. A lot of emotional & physical pain was released during the treatment, the intensity of the the pressure was at just the right amount to help the muscles to release and Izzy was very mindful of checking in with me on how I was feeling throughout the treatment. A lot of emotion also came to the surface and it felt good to be able to let go of attachments from the past in a safe non judgemental space. Afterwards I felt a deep feeling of peace and was very relaxed and after a deep sleep I felt very renewed the next day. I would definitely recommend Izzy’s treatments to anyone who would like to experience a profound healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Izzy seems to have mastered the art of Zenthai healing.

Michelle Ward, Massage therapist


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