:: Look In Between ::

This week an extraordinary being left this physical plane for the next chapter leaving behind a huge hole as well as a powerful legacy that will be carried on for many generations to come. My mother in law , Nanny June was far more than a very lovable, sweet, old lady she was a dear friend, an inspirational rock of Strength and a powerful teacher.

Of the many powerful lessons she taught through her stories, acts and words was the importance of the small things in life. The preciousness in detail, the godliness in all things, the importance of refining and noticing all the commonly unnoticed.

When my mantra for this year was to take time to ‘look inbetween’ I was echoing the lessons she has been diligently and continuously reminding me for decades. ‘Wake up’ was never mentioned but this is what is being so elegantly shared.

Do we just rush in and out of moments? Or do we step in mindfully remembering that all the grandeur of this life is really a creation of simply spending time on the small stuff?

My class last week was attended by a young 4 year old that quietly explored his mums yoga mat and surrounds for the entire 90 minutes without a fraction of distraction or unsettledness. At the conclusion I watched him meticulously endeavour to close the four corners of a cardboard box. We know as adults this needs a little bit of space, thought and detail. His wonderfully patient mother giving him all the time and room needed to allow the jigsaw to unfold and thus creating an experience of ‘looking between’ . It was wonderful to watch … the joy in the child’s face as the small lids folding into each other allowing a sense of completion and achievement. This was simply creating spaciousness for present moment awareness in action.

To thank our teachers and notice their gifts is to allow their legacy to carry on. It appears to me when grand old souls leave their physical husks that their radiant being rises in magnitude to cast its light in so many spaces inside us. Our legacy is then a reflection of what in life is it that we value and share in the marketplace .

My wonderful mother in law will surely be with me when I drink from the delicate tea cup noticing the taste , when I peer  underneath the leaf to reveal a colourful bug, our cast a keen eye into the bright blue sky to reveal the spectrum of colours that points to the  magic and wonderment in this precious mystery called life.
༺♥༻ Zenthai Blessings ༺♥༻



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  1. Thank you for your wonderfully eloquent words Gwynn. It’s been many years since we first met and you’ve probably forgotten me, but I want got to know what a guiding light you have been over the years for me, just as your mother in law was. Today I will taste life more consciously because of your sharing. Namaste Ishka

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