Lysanne de Graaf

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast and Brisbane based treatments. Mobile treatments, festivals and retreats

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Lysanne is passionate about facilitating the body’s innate healing processes, particularly focusing on the dynamic and holistic approach of Eastern traditions. With long-established foundations in yoga and science, Lysanne brings her personal experience of integrated transformation to Zenthai Shiatsu practice. You will be received with a present and safe space to meet your unique needs.

Where can I find Lysanne?

You can find Lysanne on the Sunshine Coast, at clinic in Eumundi or alternatively at her forest studio near Yandina. Lysanne is also in Brisbane on weekly basis at clinics in Paddington and New Farm. 60 and 90 minute treatments are available by appointment and may be arranged at an alternative location to suit you. Lysanne also enjoys offering Zenthai Shiatsu regularly at yoga/meditation retreats, private gatherings and various festivals throughout the year. Please contact Lysanne directly on her mobile or by email.

Lysanne says…

P1030535-“I first experienced a Zenthai Shiatsu treatment at Woodford Folk Festival, and in perfect time I joined the Level 1 intensive, just ‘out of interest’ … before morning chai on our first day I knew my life had completely changed and that I had found my way of interacting and sharing with the world. Zenthai Shiatsu brought my background in human and conservation biology to life – this work allows me to embody my reverence for all of life and attend to the uniqueness of every individual amongst the delicate balance that is this moment.

Movement and the body have been central to every aspect of my life, starting with a dedicated foundation in ballet. Later I ventured deep into the natural world through various means, particularly embracing hiking and rockclimbing to explore deep forests, high peaks and special communities, whilst also journeying inward through deepening yoga study and practice.  Zenthai Shiatsu brings the whole package together for me through its pillar of focused intention that unlocks our vast and inherently holistic capacity for healing and transformation through touch and connection. I thank Gwyn deeply for sharing his craft – Zenthai Shiatsu is a powerful opportunity that facilitates a deepening towards greater freedom through interaction.”

What others are saying:
P1030555-“Lysanne is a generous and experienced therapist. She has been sensitive to my body’s needs, and works at my bodies pace. I always leave feeling more fluid in my body and topped up with energy. I’ve already enjoyed recommending Lysanne to my friends.”

Adam Donoghue, Sunrise Beach Qld

“A Zenthai Shiatsu massage with Lysanne is like participating in a graceful dance. She leads with such confidence and ease that I can relax and let go with utter trust. I love this form of massage – it relaxes yet stretches and tones my body effortlessly.”

Penelope, Maleny Qld

“Zenthai Shiatsu massage is so deeply relaxing and leaves me feeling grounded and rejuvenated. I always feel that Lysanne is very much in tune with me as a client and she creates a beautiful space for both the body and the mind. Thank you Lysanne!”

Clare, Canberra


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  1. i booked a 60 minute session on Sat 3:30 with you after the bush walk. i understand pay in cash, first time so please be gentle……..

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