:: Ruffled… And Unruffled ::

Ruffled … And Unruffled ༺♥༻

I am heading to Brisbane to teach a yoga – a bodywork workshop and I am late … really late ! unnamed

I have completely underestimated the time to drive into the city and am caught in hustle – bustle traffic … red lights and the rest. My angst is rising as I feel the 30 odd people waiting for me.

Then a green light, yay … fist pump into the air … but only momentarily, as again, moments later I am again blocked in traffic with time ticking away.

Time has never been a close ally for me, but I have been trying to befriend it a little more in recent years. Those fully immersed in the time aspect are punctual … but also have commonly been labeled as conditioned, contracted and confined. Those like me, on the other side of time, are spontaneous and can be labeled as disrespectful, selfish and yes … you guessed it ‘rude’..

Ahhh … that time thing again …! Is there some place where time stops?

Then for a just a moment I get a glimpse from up above of the whole scenario playing itself out … YES … NO!! Bad, good … yay , nay!!

And watch it all pass.

I take a big breath and laugh aloud as a wave of acceptance pours through me …

“I am just going to be late … it will be ok ” sweeps through me.

This relaxes me for a moment and I honour the meditation practice that I have been swan diving deeper into for the last twelve months that enabled me to step above the ant-like tussle on the ground into an Eagles view above to see what was really happening.

So what is this meditation … spoken so regularly and honourably in scientific and philosophic circles?

Difficult to describe or give words to a ‘ state ‘  that is equally between concentration and contemplation.

A state I refer to as ‘ on the tip of the arrow with your eyes wide open ‘ .

Too much periphery and we lose the single pointedness, too much single pointedness we lose the magic offered in the peripheral vision.

Centred amongst chaos, calm within the storm. This is a state that with time and practice, we begin to access anytime, anywhere when we stop , listen, notice …

I finally arrive at the yoga studio 25 minutes late, with a full class of students eagerly awaiting with their eyes on me, some only arriving a few minutes before. ”

“Ok”,  I ask … ” Which one has been doing all the prayers to make me late ? ”

We all laugh together at the ‘ Lila ‘ … the dance of life and move on … not before we sit for a few some moments … stopping together, listening and noticing … maybe asking ‘WHO’  really is orchestrating all of this ?

༺♥༻ Zenthai Blessings ༺♥༻


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