… The Seer, Mystery and Magic …

There are two young girls out the front of the local school with fluorescent vests over their school uniform and whistles in their mouths directing the hundreds of fellow students on their motorbikes as they head into school. There is a mix of mischievousness within the dignity of being in a responsible and authoritative role. It is only the long socks and school dress slightly hidden underneath the security and traffic control outfit that indicates this is two fellow students in a different role for the morning.

The role we all will play today will be wide and varied … parents, teachers, learners, workers, helpers, surfers, players, philosophers … the list goes on. We may notice a considerable similarity within the clarity of the Balinese builder crafting the rock into the stone wall and the detailed focus as the surgeon with the fine scissors and forceps proceeding with the life threatening operation.
The sweeper of leaves along the path has the same air of stillness as the Zen monk sitting on the Zazen cushion as the sun rises over the mountain. The musician creating new melodies and lyrics in the middle of the night is remarkably similar to the three year old sitting on a piece of butcher paper and her hand sitting in a bucket of paint.

The clarity, the focus, the creativity is not only want weaves the multitude of roles together but also is what really ensures we undertake the roles in full participation.

“The way we do anything is the way we do everything”. ‘How’ do we undertake our roles?

While we jump from one role to another, the robes of The Seer can be a reminder to always be present and to look through the veil and beyond the world of appearances.

It is a true gift for every human to be The Seer.

To See the depth in being-ness and simplicity, to see the magic and mystery in Nature’s countless offerings  and to see the unique light and beauty within All beings that cross your path.

“It is what we feed that grows stronger”

It was really special to see the young school girls in their new roles today. The ‘how’ .. they undertook their roles … responsible and dignified … with the hint of mischievousness.

The Seer … meditative, mysterious, curious and unpredictable (to stop labels and mind patterns) .

To continually step in the role of The Seer not only allows us to rise up and be fully awake but is the gift we pass to each other to shine in our authentic truth .


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