:: Zenthai Flow now at Zenward ::

Just 6 months ago I sat with Olivia following my Zenthai flow class at the Bali Spirit festival. I never expected that one hour sitting on the grass eating coconuts and amongst the vibrant sounds and colours of the festival would evolve in me joining the Mindvalley team of yoga teachers at Zenward that is now offering Zenthai teachings online throughout the globe.

There is a deep gratitude that I can now offer Zenthai asana classes on Chinese medicine, the playfulness and connection of partner yoga and the simple yet effective therapy of Zenthai shiatsu, all bound together in the net of Chinese medicine 5 elements.
The Mindvalley team continues to inspire me as we move into a new education framework. The old paradigm of Content based education is truly being questioned with this, a new paradigm that highlights the ways we relate with ourselves, build relationships with each other,  develop a communion with the planet and its resources, develop ADAPTABILTY, intuitiveness and the capacity  to initiate and persevere, really has me aboard .
It is an honour to be aboard this journey…
If your heart is asking to jump aboard here is the link:



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